The ancient dragonborn empire known as Arkhosia predated the Plague Wind. Arkhosia warred with Bael Turath, and both empires fell long before the Plague Wind cursed the world. The ruins of Arkhosia’s great floating war-citadels still dot the countryside in various places, and the ancient homelands of the dragonborn still bear the empire’s name.

Today, Arkhosia is situated between The Shimmering and The Court of Living Kings, serving as a buffer between two nations that would otherwise surely be at all-out war. It’s a rough, high country, pocked with mountain valleys. Each valley is populated with a different community, ranging from remnants of the ancient Arkhosian empire, to roaming primal tribes, to humble logging villages. Arkhosia lacks a unified culture, except perhaps a fierce independent streak as they resist the encroachment of both The Shimmering and the Immortal Legion.

Pine Reach

PCs begin in Pine Reach, an unassuming village nestled in a relatively peaceful section of Arkhosia. It’s main industries are lumber and a minor iron mine. The people of Pine Reach try not to think about the Plague Wind, placing their faith in the Cult of Eyes to protect them.

The Cult of Eyes

PCs begin as initiates within the Cult of Eyes. The Cult of Eyes is a quasi-religious sect revering Sehanine and Ioun. They’re based in Pine Reach, where they’ve turned an abandoned mine into their own private underground fortress. Their main goal is to collect secrets that can be used to combat the Plague Wind and hold off against the horde. They also guard the Vecnan Vault, a cache of magical weapons and dark lore that the cult considers too powerful or dangerous to be used.


Elder Avorik- Male Dragonborn Cosmic Magic Sorcerer: The unofficial leader of the Cult of Eyes, Elder Avorik is a a kind-hearted and wise teacher. Exceedingly patient, but also very cautious, Elder Avorik often teaches initiates whose talents are a bit darker, hoping to reign them in and keep them safe.

Elder Mishka- Female Dwarf Wizard: Eager and matronly, Elder Mishka knows a great deal of magical and religious lore. The youngest of the elders, she is still sometimes sent on missions away from the cult’s stronghold.

Elder Rodric- Male Human Fighter: Grim and taciturn, Elder Rodric presents himself as a drill sergeant. Head of security for the cult, he believes that only a strong martial force will be able to hold the line against the horde. He has little faith in magic of any kind.

Elder Moriya- Female Human Druid: A reformed priest of Vecna who discovered her connection to the Primal Beast, Elder Moriya teaches initiates blessed by the primal spirits and maintains the wards and traps that keep the Vecnan Vault safe. Some doubt the sincerity of her moral transformation.

Elder Kulyin- Male Elven Rogue: A former adventurer who suffered a crippling leg injury, Elder Kulyin now walks with the aid of a cane. An expert in locks, traps, and the fine art of the bluff, Elder Kulyin doesn’t teach many initiates, but is well-liked by almost everyone who meets him.


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