The Court of Living Kings


The Court of Living Kings is a secretive cabal of liches, vampires, and other powerful undead creatures that have consolidated their power along the west coast of the continent. Very little is known about the Living Kings themselves, but their lands are relatively stable, patrolled by the immense Immortal Legion and the chivalrous Knights of the Black Rose.

The Court has survived one cycle, although some of its undying leaders have survived many more.

The Immortal Legion

The Immortal Legion is one of the largest standing armies in the world, perhaps the largest. It is composed of roughly 90% undead creatures. The remaining 10% are their necromancer “commanders.” The common people fear the Immortal Legion, but respect them for the unrivaled protection they provide; undead creatures are, naturally, quite immune to the Plague Wind. The Immortal Legion is supposedly created solely out of the corpses of free citizens that volunteer to leave their remains to the state, but there are dark rumors of peasants being “pressed into service” during times of war.

The Knights of the Black Rose

The Knights of the Black Rose are the human face of the Court of Living Kings. Hand-picked by the Living Kings, the Knights are fanatically loyal and, for the most part, brave and chivalrous warriors. Regarded as heroes by the common people, even the Court’s enemies must admit that the Knights are relatively good people in an increasingly dark world.

The Church of Vecna

The Church of Vecna’s base of power is within the Living King’s realm. Worship of Vecna is widespread; fearful commoners offer tribute to the Maimed God, hoping that appeasing him will somehow end the scourge of the Plague Wind.

The Court of Living Kings

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