The Shimmering


The Shimmering is a theocratic nation of city-states that dominates the northeastern quarter of the continent. Lead by the Voice of the Sun, an enigmatic ruler who claims to be the earthly incarnation of Pelor, The Shimmering blames the use of magic for the corruption of the Plague Wind. They seek to extinguish all use of magic from the continent, and they often make war against minor mage city-states and The Court of Living Kings.

The Shimmering has survived two cycles of the Plague Wind, both times with incredibly heavy losses. Their unreasonable hatred of magic means Shimmering forces are often faced with the very dangerous prospect of fighting the Infected hand-to-hand. Divine magic is misunderstood to be arcane magic, and The Shimmering has been known to slay even invokers and clerics of Pelor.

Built on the ruins of an ancient goblin empire, the Shimmering makes use of many goblinoid soldiers, but remains a human-dominated area, both in terms of culture and overall population. Halflings inhabit the northern, swampy regions of the Shimmering’s territory. Certain races with obvious connections to magic (warforged, genasi) are termed “abominations” and killed on sight by Shimmering soldiers.

The Purified

The Purified are a special caste of warriors raised by the state. Fanatically loyal, the Purified are some of the only soldiers in the Shimmering trusted enough to wield magical weapons and armor; they believe that special rites and blessings from the Voice of the Sun allows them to resist the “corruption” these items normally cause.


Recently, several families of dragons have joined the ranks of the Shimmering, serving as living artillery and (surprisingly) as mounts to high-ranking Purified soldiers. Each dragon has different reasons for his or her allegiance to the Shimmering; some simply seek refuge from the Plague Wind. Others might be looking for easy plunder in the Shimmering’s war-like culture. A select few are genuinely swept up in the Shimmering’s anti-magic crusade, believing it to be the world’s best chance at stopping the Plague Wind.

The Shimmering

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